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Just like the song above...your name is a song. You were given that song when you came back into the world. Your Birth date is also your song, the first permanent song, together these two make YOU. 

WE use the Chaldean System of Numerology. The Chaldean uses the Numbers 1 thru 8 to symbolize each alphabet. Our system is as old as time itself, passed on to those that wanted to understand the true nature of the human soul. To know oneself each day, to awake knowing who you are, what day is a power day and understanding when a person, or venture comes into your life at an unexpected time...well, its not really unexpected but just what it is...Magical. This is the secret that others don't want you to remember:     THAT YOU ARE TRULY IN CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY...

Other systems include the number 9 in their numeral calculations, but it is written that the number 9 is the sacred number of the ONE. NO single alphabet can hold the vibration of 9 alone. Only two together can make the union of 9 alive. This is the law and we obey it sacredly.

We know with the heart of our soul that your discovering of Numerology, will be a well versed letter of love to you. It might be something new or something confirmed from your everyday dreams of old, to know who you are but question that beautiful destiny so carefully laid out for you to journey...this is the music of numbers and you, the true confirmation.

We hope we give you a gift so long forgotten, like the gift of the mother's womb...we want you to remember. We want you to breathe again, embrace, smile more and know what others see in your self:  "that you are confident knowing the kingdom is yours forever and ever."

Once upon a time, when you came back to us all, someone whispered a song, that song was your name...that name rang out and it flew with soft wings on the world again.

Someone sang your song for you in the beginning and you carry this matter what it sounds's your song and you can sing it loud...make it stronger, you can change that song and you can change the world. Yes,it truly only takes one to make a difference.

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THE ADS UPON THIS WEB SITE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH SIRUS NUMEROLOGY, we NEVER Charge for a service, it's our goal to TEACH you to remember who you are through numbers, the word hidden within the vibration.