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What is with the 9-9-2009 date, is it really 9-9-9?

Unfortunately the answer to this is NO! Many Numerologist would want you to assume 9-9-09 is of value, but it isn't. Many Numerologist have no idea as they have followed the lead of someone who was blind in the  first place. Whether you are in the west where it is 9-09-2009 or the east where it can be 2009-09-09...its still 2009, most modern numerologist will take out the "2" in 2009 and this is not correct.

Are you confused? If so let me try to enlighten you..time to take the blind folds off. I had noticed articles commenting on how many couples were getting married on 9-9-9. Many believed the three 9's were of some significance when in fact, the date has been written wrong. The date actually  isn't 9-9-9, but truly 9-9-2009. the 2009 year is actually broken down to the sum of 11, within Chaldean Numerology this is considered a master number (22 also). With these master numbers, they can never be broken down unless they are the last number when all reduction is  done. In this case, this is not true, so the  numerology table would look like this




Now, because of the 11 and 22 master rule, one would add the three numbers as such, not reducing the 11 to a 2. When doing such you'd get 9+9+11= 29, which would reduce to 11 and THEN being the last number could be reduced to a 2.

IF, we performed the action the wrong way 9-9-11 becoming 9-9-2, we'd come to 9+9+2=20, thus getting the WRONG compound number of 20. 11 was the correct compound number and would give a more definite dimension of you or the person you were "Teaching" the art.

This is why 9-9-9 isn't really 9-9-9 as mentioned by the blind.

A day of 9-9-9 would have been Sept, 9th 2007 as this was the true date. Man..and woman will try to deceive you by saying  Sept, 9th, 09 is the true date, but it already passed and wont come back until 2016, which would be 9-9-2016 or 9-9-9, 2016 equaling to 9. This is the only way it other way. Do not be deceived by those that try to use only the last two digits of the year when the majority  of the world uses all four matter what.

There are natural deceptions for this reason...lets use the date the Honorable Robert (Bobby) F Kennedy was assassinated. The date was June 6th, 1968, or 6-6-6.. Tis a shame that many in the west are frightened by a prophesy as the 666 man of the, the President of the United States...His brother, as guilty as he in such past moralities, decided to run for the same office and was assassinated on such a day...DOES or DID anyone notice it was the date of 666....of course not. We were in mourning, we loved this man, those of us old enough to understand that "LOVE" a "6" number was tripled and then bloomed into 18, a 9, but many would rather look at the number of 666 as something more...something evil, something mysterious...for we do not understand so we fear it...tis just a" AND 666 turned over is 999, both still adding to 18 and reducing to 9...IS there a difference, one being called the mark of the beast and the other being just tripled sequence? The answer is yes and no. Though both add up to the number 18 and reduce to 9, they are still different and then, not really.

though 666 and 999 both are 18 and then 9, when turned upside down, all three mirror each other. 9 becomes 6 and 6 becomes 9, 666 becomes 999 and 999 becomes 666. They are reflections of each other, they are:

Man and Woman.

9 is man

6 is wo-MAN


9 is WAR

6 is LOVE

Man is from MARS

Wo-MAN is from VENUS

And only LOVE, TRIPPPLED can save us from WAR, the W∞MAN or the W∞MB that brings life is what keeps up moving..the mark of man...666 or LOVE LOVE LOVE. Did not the teacher say "I am the S∞N of MAN?"

So even though Sept 9, 2009 is not 999, you've learned when it really is..what it signifies, whether in WAR or LOVE...tis the same, THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA. When observing issues of the universe, look within and not outward, you know the answer even before I spoke it, you just needed a push in flying again.

To be forewarned is to be not take heed in what you read from others as it will take you to the path of illusion. All that I have said to you, reach within your being and you will see the true vision with or without blindfold.

©2010 Sirus Feher

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