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*At the moment we are not performing reports because of a deadline for a up coming book. We hope later to pick reports from those of you that want to know, or Remember what you always have known. As always we have no intention of charging a fee, but instead teaching as many as we can, the magic that is.*

We love what we do. When you send your NAME and BIRTH DATE to us you will receive the most LOVING report. This report is from the Heart. This means there are no Computer antics at hand. We have nothing against Programs that provide Numerology reports, it's just that our Numerology system has rules that a computer program does not take into account and we want to know YOU as we do your report.

Computer programs will joist out a "report" to you, one that is supported by more info that repeats itself again and again. We will Send you a TRUE Numerology Report, one that a soul had dealt with, one that has Love within it.

When we receive your information...It becomes apart of our family and we become apart of you. There is no better trust. Even though our reports take a little longer than computer ones, know that love is within the words to you.

In our eyes, when we see your BIRTH DATE and NAME...well its the same as a beautiful born baby being brought into our home for the very first time and this we cherish for it is the first day of your life again. Our love is endless and we are proud to write to you.


What we write, you knew all along and so  as you read, a smile comes across your face. Familiarity is a wonderful thing and this is what you will read.

Our numerology reports don't really have a price stamped on them, we have faith that you will feel humanely responsible to send a donation for the work we are pleased to do.


At one point, we did decide to charge a fee, lowering it three times, this brought on NO results and we know why. Our mentor Linda Goodman, once wrote that the teacher shall not charge the student. While we know we are not teachers to anyone that visits this site, we do feel it a obligation to not put a fee out front. It is our intention  for you to learn about you and if you are please, you will return with a gift of your gratitude. We don't know what that gift will be, instead we leave it to your offering.


we know that after reading the report, you'll be filled with a natural happiness, one that could send you on the journey of learning this art. This is the key to Numerology: to learn and teach. With any art, one wants others to learn TRUTH, to pass on the art to family members, to learn more about those we love, work with, create, this makes every ones journey worth while. Numerology is a gift that was not just given to us, but you too, its time to see and learn more of this wonderful picture.



we will email you a complete report in PDF format and if requested a printed copy will be sent to your physical address Priority USPS.

No numerology reports are being done at the moment. A numerology report can take 1-3 hours to complete, depending on the name and dates involved. The Numerologist here are working on a book that will PROVE to all that Chaldean Numerology is a very special art, the book will show you how to do your own chart, but what this book does that no other on numerology has ever done, it will prove it works without a doubt. 

THE ADS UPON THIS WEB SITE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH SIRUS NUMEROLOGY, we NEVER Charge for a service, it's our goal to TEACH you to remember who you are through numbers, the word hidden within the vibration.