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Numbers and Words of Knowledge

Numerology is a Art. We are all born with this gift to KNOW who we really are, but most if not all don't master this inner magic. You won't see over two Numerologist working together on the site nowadays as this art form takes time to master, over many years, possible a decade and on, you might find a really good one that speaks with truth and heart.

We are small and established in this form, this means we don't take on just anyone that talks about knowing the magic of numbers, so you can count on the two of us concentrating on your chart when the task is at hand.

Numerology is a path that you already know exist. You awake and walk it everyday, we are just reminding you of this wonderful journey you take with face value of it's reality.

Whats our philosophy?

The objective of our business is to provide you with a in-depth, pure report that intertwines the two sisters, Astrology and Numerology as they are inseparable. We believe that like CHEIRO (Count Louis Hamon 1866-1936) and Linda Goodman (1925-1995), that the Chaldean Hebrew Kabala system is the true numerical system in opening up the vibrations of the universe. We are proud to share this lost secret with you in a writing specifically enchanted for you as no two are alike, nor you to anything in the universe.

Our Employees

Sirus Feher or Sirrus as many of his friends like to spell it was brought into the world of Astrology at the young age of 9 before a parent swiftly pulled the big thick red book from his hands stating it was a book not meant for a child. This would forever stamp a love of curiousity upon the boy's soul as to who we are and what is our purpose in this world and the next to come. Even to a child, the truth of astrology was evident in our ever day journey.

The truth would hibernate through storms for 13 years and then awaken one spring night.

In the year of 1991 he would be introduced to Numerology by a Past soul mate, she would say, "Read Chapter 5." From that moment, the boy who became a man would study numbers, their vibrations and their call to the planets and stars of our universe, always wanting to find the truth and release it to all.

Sirus Feher or Sirrus has one friend who learns and contributes to the dialing of numbers upon the sky and the whispers for answers so that we shall surely fly...forever.

Our Company Our Family

This is where you can learn about our company and its history. We have been interested in starting our own business for many years and are excited to finally have reached that goal. Taking our business to the web makes the process even more exciting.

I will tell you this endeavor was started Three years ago, Fear came upon me and I swam with it, not until a apprentice came along and helped me to see that my long journey is not to linger but to walk out and help those that want to see, hear and feel the true magic of human beings.

We are here to help as long as those in this beautiful world want us. Thank you for all your support.

Our Shop

We are located close to the beautiful Bench of the Rocky mountains in Salt Lake City, being so close to the mountains, we can walk and think about the universe and numbers all day long. Though Salt Lake is home base, with technology today, laptops and such, we can go anywhere as below, doing Numerology in beautiful San Fransisco. One may be in another country when  your report is emailed off to you!